Design of exhibition stands

I work on stand design and 3D visualization scenography, graphics perfectly represent projects tailored to needs whether it is a small system stand or a complex stand individual.

Professional approach

I always show in an attractive way the concept, I use interesting architectural solutions that give a good functional layout of space. My designs and visualizations are a kind of magnet during the creation of an offer.

Speed ​​of operation

I understand how dynamic the market is, so all the work is done in a timely manner and at the highest level. Each project is commissioned by building its reputation in the high level of performed tasks.

Visualization enriches the offer

Professional 3d visualization enriches the presented offer and in many cases will decide on the offer. The skills I have used in my design owe my seven years of experience in creating 3d graphics as well as the design of exhibition stands.


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Projekt dwudziesty siódmy

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Andrzej Szymczak

+48 794 329 909